Just recently UKIP (UK Independence Party) picked up it’s first seat in Westminster with former Tory MP James Carswell in Clacton. Who not only won but won big time and surpassed the margin of which he won as a Conservative 4 years ago. Shows that UKIP is really picking up traction. The Tories and Labour were way behind and the Lib Dems picked a dismal some of 400 hundred votes.

Meanwhile in the north of England in Middleton and Heywood, UKIP almost picked a seat in Labour Party stronghold falling just short of several hundred votes. Several weeks before UKIP party leader Nigel Farage declared that race a lost cause. If he had went to campaign over there then UKIP would’ve not only picked one but two seats one of which in deep Labour stronghold. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats weren’t even trying to compete for that seat. UKIP was the only party there that had a real shot of taking a Labour seat.

UKIP’s rise has been seen for the past year from their major gains in county councils, to taking a plurality of seats in the European Parliament and taking their first seat in Westminster while almost winning a second in Labour territory. It’s been said that UKIP only takes votes away from the Conservatives. While that’s true, they’ve also taken vast swaths of votes from Labour, Lib Dems and also winning over voters who haven’t voted in years. And they’ve further developed their party platform from just being an anti-EU party which helps them with the electorate.

UKIP as many of us know has a strong libertarian wing present too. The party at large can be described as classically liberal. By this point it’s possible to picture a situation in 2015 where UKIP will be a deciding vote for who holds power next year in Westminster. Regardless it’ll very interesting to watch and see what happens.

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