As marijuana legalization spreads further across the country with AK, OR & DC most recent to join, Republican candidates (mostly) say they’ll leave states be in that perspective. That is with exception of Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio who’ve each said they’ll enforce federal laws on states that legalize marijuana. These are the same people who’ve denounced the SCOTUS’s ruling on same-sex marriage several days ago because the states should be allowed to choose their own approach on marriage. You know, as opposed to being a big-ass hypocrite, try being consistent one way or the other. Either endorse allowing states to decide same-sex marriage and marijuana, or side with the federal government’s view on both.

But anyways, the GOP and candidates regardless their personal views on marijuana should endorse allowing states to legalize it as they do with same-sex marriage. This hypocrisy while nothing new, is starting to become very annoying. The GOP should officially declare they favor states experimenting on marijuana. I’d actually even further and say they should call on repealing all federal drug laws, abolish the DEA and let states cruise their own paths on drug policy. California can legalize hereon while Mississippi is allowed to continue prohibiting it.

If I had my way, I’d have the GOP declare official support for marijuana legalization, but they don’t have to do that. I only wish they declare official neutrality on overall drug policy (and call on abolishing mandatory minimums). And to briefly talk of another subject, the GOP should officially declare its support for getting government out of marriage. Make it apart of the platform and campaign on it. Numerous states are already seriously considering going that route since the inception of the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling. So Republicans should follow suit on that note.

Back on drug policy, the GOP’s record has been pretty horrible. The past 3 Republican presidents have been avid drug warriors and ratchet up DEA raids on marijuana facilities going back to the 90s during the Clinton years. And despite what Obama said during his 2008 campaign on leaving states alone on marijuana, DEA raids have actually been worse than under either the Bushes or Clinton. And the DEA itself has gotten even more corrupt with helping drug cartels in South America smuggle drugs and DEA agents have been caught with prostitutes. That alone is reason enough to abolish the DEA completely.

My plea to those who oppose drug legalization is that you should allow states to make their own decisions on drug policy. Time to abolish all federal laws on drugs, the DEA, mandatory minimums so states can tread their own paths. Seriously what’s so bad about a total federalist approach on all drugs?

Anything I should change or add in? What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a great day and God bless!