Prior to the establishment of the direct voting election of US Senators, they were appointed by state legislators. The US Senate chamber itself was actually formed out of a compromise with the smaller states such as Delaware and Rhode Island who threatened to leave the Union as their votes in the House of Representatives would be vastly outweighed by large states of the time like VA, PA and NY since it’s based on population. The Senate however has two Senators per state regardless population so as to give smaller states a fair edge when it comes to legislation.

For some 120 years, the job of electing Senators was up to the state legislatures. The reason for that was so states would have representation in Washington. The House of Representatives is the people’s house which is why they only have 2 years per term so that voters can throw out all the incumbents if they were dissatisfied (even though that never happens nowadays thanks to incumbency and gerrymandering). The Senate is the states’ house. However in 1914 that forever changed. The 17th amendment was passed and since then govt has tripled in size. The reason that is is cause lobbyists and cronies can now persuade Senators to vote against the interests of their state and not suffer the consequences.

I’m entirely convinced if the 17th amendment wasn’t approved, abhorrent legislation like Obamacare wouldn’t had passed. In 2009-2010, there were numerous Democrat Senators who voted for Obamacare who came from states with Republican Governors and/or legislatures who vehemently opposed it. An example of this is North Dakota where it had a fully Republican-controlled state govt and yet had two Democrat Senators who both voted for Obamacare. The state of Virginia while has two sitting Democrat Senators, has a Republican-controlled legislature. Mark Warner had barely won reelection to the Senate. If he was facing the legislature, he would’ve been walking dead as the House of Delegates has a hefty two-thirds GOP majority and the State Senate has a bare two seat margin.

Barring the 17th amendment, it would’ve never become reality. Even if the Democrats held a majority under this scenario (which at the time Obamacare was passed 27 legislatures were under Democrat control) it still wouldn’t of cause many state level Democrats didn’t like how it was passed. When the 17th amendment was passed, it was under the argument that it would reduce corruption. Granted there was corruption at the state level, but it gets dwarfed at the federal level. Other legislation like Dodd-Frank would’ve had a much tougher time passing too.

This is admittedly a long term goal, but it’s one we here in liberty circles must bring up more often. The 17th amendment along with the 16th are sole proprietors for this bloated federal government. If both were to be repealed, the federal government would almost overnight go back within the confines of the Constitution. The Senators would once again be held accountable by the legislators and the federal government can no longer legally rob us of our property. Let’s make this happen.

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