I’ve this before, but I felt this should be getting its own column. Free and open immigration works – when there’s no welfare state or military industrial complex present like a hundred years ago when we last officially had open borders (though we’ve had de facto open borders since 1965 thanks to the late Ted Kennedy’s immigration bill which opened up third world immigration). Ever since then, the State has quadrupled in size and power (though LBJ’s War on Poverty and Nixon’s War on Drugs are obviously to blame). Though immigration coming in from the third world had a significant role in that as well. A great example of this is California. Prior to 1970, it was no.1 in the nation for education and had great roads and had a vibrating economy due to business friendly policies.

Though after Kennedy’s Immigration Act, immigrants from Mexico and Central America came pouring into the country, particularly California. Now in the 50 years since, formerly Golden State has become the quasi-Soviet Socialist Republic of California with some of the highest taxes, gratuitous red tape and regulations and gun control laws in the country. For the past ten years, California has been consistently ranked at the bottom of Chief Executive Magazine’s Best and Worst States for Business with Texas ranking at the exact opposite (as a sidenote NY, IL, NJ and MA are all at the bottom too).

Now why is it California has gotten so badly messed up in the course of 40 years? It’s because of a huge wave of third-world immigrants coming in and voting Democrat leftists into power. Last time California voted for the Republican nominee for President was ’88 for George.H.W.. Ever since then though, it’s consistently and lately overwhelmingly voted for the Democrat nominee. It gave Barack Obama 60% or better in ’08 and ’12. In 2014, Hispanics outnumbered caucasians in the overall demographics for the first time.

Yes California has voted for Republican governors typically, but looks as though it won’t be doing so again for a long long time (not that the last “GOP” governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was anything special as he got in bed with leftists and environmentalists quite often).I should mention California’s gun laws in more detail are incredibly draconian. The State’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom vehemently despises the 2nd amendment while ironically at the same being for more freedom on pot.

California also has over a third of the country’s welfare recipients while only having roughly 12% of the whole population. Much of those recipients are of course immigrants. Which leads me to my next segment. Over half of all immigrants regardless of legal status are on welfare while only 30% of the native-born population are using welfare. Breaking down the numbers, Mexican and Central American immigrants are on welfare by rate of 73%, Caribbean immigrants are 51%, African immigrants 48%, South American immigrants 40%, East Asian immigrants at 32%, European immigrants at 26% and South Asian or oriental immigrants being the lowest at 17%.

Middle East refugees also tend to be on welfare and higher cost to resettle here in the US or in Europe than somewhere else in the Middle East. And I’m baffled to see the Cato Institute which usually has it right to be calling on Obama to defy public opinion which is against resettlement of Middle Eastern refugees. Not is this so incredibly stupid considering the costs, but the risks of bringing in Jihadists is too high. The attackers in Paris got into the country via the refugee program. As a general rule, when you’re at war you don’t take in military men or women from countries you’re at war with. This would be very like Great Britain taking hundreds of thousands or millions of military aged Germans while fighting the Hitler and the Nazis. Or the US taking in young Japanese men right after Pearl Harbor. It goes against all common sense.

If you disagree with my analysis at least consider some of the points. For more information on this, I suggest you go watch Stefan Molyneux’s Truth about Immigration and numerous other videos he has on the issue.

P.S. You actually can constitutionally bar immigration from particular countries so Donald Trump isn’t so wrong on that note.

UPDATE: Lauren Southern (former Libertarian Party of Canada candidate) on open borders and the migrant crisis.