For as much as I have disdained for both parties, I have even more for the Democrats. ESPECIALLY for the guy currently leading them in the Senate. I’d rather have a weakling like Mitch McConnell in charge than Harry Reid. A GOP Senate would actually try pursuing Obama on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandals. Harry Reid is just a lapdog for this administration. Admittedly things the GOP has done for the past year has really pissed me off such the MS Senate race where they along with Haley Mobster Barbour used race baiting to get the African-American vote out for Cochran against Chris McDaniel who’s a true fighter for liberty.

There have been some that suggested it’d be better if the GOP lost so they’d learn a lesson. While I sympathize with those calls, I don’t think worth it if that means Harry Reid remains in charge for another two years. At least the Republicans won’t be taking crap from this administration like that senile idiot. Also another thing that could be done is working to stop Obamacare, EPA and auditing the fed which regularly passes overwhelmingly in the House with support from both parties. And yes Obama would threaten with the veto pen, but there’s certain times of which he’d be forced to sign popular legislation.

Also a GOP Senate would work with the House to reign in Obama’s executive orders. It’ll also provide leverage for the GOP in Supreme Court nominees and Harry Reid will regret his nuclear option move. Ultimately it looks likely the GOP will win the Senate by this point (most likely 52-54 seats).

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a great day!