Some libertarians may disagree with this. And no I’m not necessarily advocating banning ALL Muslims from the country like what Donald Trump suggested (though I do think there should a moratorium on Muslim immigration from certain countries). Islam for the past 1,400 years it’s existed has been all about conquering and waging war. And despite what Barack Obama and the left say about the crusades, it was in fact a response Islam’s conquest of Europe. They had pretty much controlled Spain and southern Europe in the 1oth and 11th centuries if I’m correct (I’ll make sure to amend this if I’m not). So the Catholic Church in response commenced the crusades to push the Islamists back.

Now after that the point, Islam was dormant for six or seven centuries up until the 20th century. Why they were dormant for so long is probably for variety of reasons from the dominance the West in colonialism via the British Empire (and the US to lesser extent) and lack of proper funding and modern technology. In fact, Islamism would’ve died out were it not for us funding Saudi Arabia oil in the 50s. And of course we set the stage for a Mullah controlled Iran by helping the British maintain control by installing the Shah as opposed to letting Democratic elections take hold.

Then came the 70s and 80s when the Soviets started invading Afghanistan and we started funding some rebels led by an individual named Osama bin Laden. That group would later become Al Qaeda and served up a role in the 9/11 attacks which subsequently led right to the passing of the Patriot Act, NSA mass surveillance and War on Terror in Afghanistan just a month later and Iraq a year and half after that. Let’s not also forget that the Taliban took over Afghanistan right after we helped them kick out the Soviets.

Every Muslim-majority in the last 50 years has been a hellhole for women, gays and religious (or nonreligious) minorities such as Christians, Jews and atheists. Now I’ve always wondered why the left has such sympathy or least gives leeway to Islamism which is completely contrary to their philosophy and ideas. Or is it? In pure unadulterated Islam that’s called for in the Koran, it tells how you should be living life. From when and how much you pray, to what you can eat or drink, how long your beard should be etc etc etc.

The goal of progressives and collectivists is to get a government so large and powerful, it can tell you what you can or can’t do in your daily life. Hell it already dictates many things that it has no authority to dictate such as how much of your property via your income you can keep for yourself. It viciously regulates what kind of items such as guns you can buy. Or what you can put in your body whether that’s drugs, tobacco, soda, fatty foods or other things.

Yes there’s many moderate Muslims that are peaceful and friendly people. But moderate or loosely interpreted Islam isn’t so different from moderate socialism where the tenants can pave the way towards total tyranny seen in the Soviet Union or Iran. I think we as libertarians should be recognizing this harsh reality that Islam is collectivist philosophy that should be treated the same as Communism.

If you agree or disagree, let me know the comments section below. Have a great day.