Part of why I’m pro-life is that I grew up in a religious household. Though it’s primarily based on science fact that shows life does indeed begin at conception. As a libertarian, I do believe that government’s one of few (perhaps only) legitimate role is defending a person’s right to life. If you’re pro-life like me then we’re on the same page. If you’re one of the more pro-choice types, please think about this. If an individual can be killed before birth than what’s to stop well after? Without the right to live all other rights such as freedom of speech, freedom to own property etc. becomes irrelevant.

Ever since Roe v. Wade came along in the early 70s, 55+ million babies have been murdered in the womb thanks primarily to Nazi Planned Parenthood and on the whim yours and I’s taxpayer dollars. And despite all the propaganda rhetoric from them, they do everything to encourage abortion so as to keep their profits going. This is literally an American holocaust going on right now. Granted the yearly rate of abortions performed has fallen significantly since the early 90s with birth control, sex education resulting in less teen pregnancies. Before that abortions were ranging in a million+. Now they’re in the 700,000 range which is still pretty high.

Admittedly when it comes to banning abortion I’m divided on my federalist side and my constitutionalist side. My federalist side wants to simply repeal Roe v. Wade and allow states full discretion in deciding for themselves when life begins and when it should be protected. My constitutionalist side wants to amend the constitution that defines life beginning at conception. Though it may already do so ironically with the equal protection clause which was the basis for murder¬†abortion on demand. It’s ironic that the left which thinks the equal protection clause protects your right to get a marriage license straight ups ignores that it may protect your right to life.

Traditional conservatives for as much as they get it wrong with the Marriage State have it 100% right when it comes to abortion. In fact I actually go a step further than many in the movement would. Many social conservatives for as pro-life as they claim to be, are in favor of exceptions like rape, incest and potential endangerment of the mother’s life. While I could possibly see an exception for the last one, I don’t see much reason why rape and incest are exceptions. While rape is without question horrible and has dramatic effect on its victims, pregnancy rarely happens in that situation. And even if it does, is it really necessary to take it out on the child? Is it really the child’s fault?

When it comes to, abortion is no better than someone being killed by a common thug. Thankfully more and more Americans see that especially millennials like me. As much as 60% favor banning abortion after 20 weeks. Roe v. Wade’s days are increasingly numbered and will soon be in the ash heap of history along with other decisions like Dred Scott.

What do you think? You agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments sections below. Have a great day!