Over the past few days, I’ve wrote columns on SCOTUS rulings of Obamacare subsidies and same-sex marriage. Today I’ve decided to the GOP some advice on what to do in response. While I don’t approve of the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, there’s some positive aspects happening. For one this ruling is actually prompting states to end government involvement with marriage.

First state to seriously flirt with the idea was Oklahoma a year ago after a federal judge declared our state amendment against gay marriage unconstitutional. Then just this previous session a bill to end govt marriage licensing was passed by the State House. Then the Alabama State Senate followed suit this month passing a bill that would do something similar. There’s now debate in Texas to end marriage licensing there. Now the Michigan legislature is discussing getting government out of marriage. So in this respect the SCOTUS ruling is actually prompting something into happening.

Now what of the GOP? Will it see the light like numerous states are and start advocating for getting government out of a very sacred part of our lives? That isn’t quite clear yet. So here’s some advice for them.

Dispense with the part of their platform calling for a federal constitutional amendment. It’s not gonna happen and it’s about as bright an idea as the 16th amendment was. Replace that shoddy part of the platform with a calling to end government involvement with marriage. I’d also ask the traditional right that they start considering stateless marriage as an alternative. What they’ve been advocating is essentially neo-marxism for the past several decades. Their fighting to preserve the marriage state has only brought this all down on them. Hate to say it, but in a sense the SCOTUS ruling may had been necessary in forcing them considering stateless marriage as an alternative.

Another thing that should happen is GOP candidates should make stateless marriage as part of their platform. Get voters aware of a better, more workable alternative than this style of failed marxism that inhabits married couples bedrooms. They should also stand up for religious/civil liberties of churches and businesses to decline participating in a same-sex wedding in any way. The most depressing aspect of the SCOTUS ruling is that civil/religious liberty violations will get worse and more widespread which is why we libertarians and the GOP should start seriously defending the right of conscience.

Another thing that we libertarians should do is try convincing gay couples that stateless marriage is the way to go. Most in the gay community are leftists don’t get that government intrusion in marriage isn’t a good thing for anyone gay, straight, Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jewish etc. This is a sacred part of our lives that the government should leave be (and there’s many aspects the government should leave untouched as well, but that’s a whole conversation in of its own). The idea of stateless marriage is catching fire in numerous states, but they’re all generally red or purple states that have R-controlled legislatures. Legislators should try proposing this idea in deep blue states like CA or NY.

I wish the GOP, the traditional right and everyone had realized this much sooner so that this Supreme Court wouldn’t have happened. The idea of the marriage state complex is a progressive invention that the right got suckered into like a fish taking the bait. But better late than never I guess.

What did you think of my column? Anything I should change or add? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a great day and God bless!