It was established over a century ago with the help of Progressive God Woodrow Wilson and is primarily responsible (along the 17th) for the unlimited growth of the federal government for the past hundred years. It started out at only a 1% rate for the wealthiest taxpayers, but quickly accelerated to over 70% during Wilson’s presidency. Then it went down dramatically under Harding and Coolidge to 25% and back up to 63% under Hoover and even higher than ever before under FDR. So basically it’s gone up and down for the past hundred years or so giving the federal government authority to tax us of what is essentially our property.

Short of repealing it, I’m in favor of scrapping this whole tax code and establish a 10% flat rate on everybody with little/no exemptions. No special favors or nothing for lobbyists or cronies anymore. Just a simple flat rate of which takes you 3 minutes to fill out on a postcard. If the 16th amendment is repealed then I’d establish a fair tax of which essentially taxes a certain portion of what you buy.

Let me know what you think. Comment below. Have a great day!