Well there’s much stupid as always with Salon.com. Finding stupidity at Salon is like finding shit in a shit pile. Though finding something that’s interestingly stupid is bit of a challenge. Lot of what the left shits out of their anuses nowadays are pretty predictable. So finding something interesting is harder. But I’ve found a couple columns that qualify for this.

First one up is The Uber-economy f**ks us all: How “permalancers” and “sharer” gigs gut the middle class. Somehow the column’s author isn’t aware of other things that actually gut the middle class. *coughs* Federal Reserve *coughs* But I guess voluntary laissez faire economy can deprive someone of their wealth (sarc). Probably the stupidest bit in the column is this paragraph:

This is the new economy: contracted, freelanced, “shared,” automated, Uber-ized, “1099-ed.” In essence, the purveyors of the new economy are forging an economic system in which those with money will be able to use faceless, anonymous interactions via brokerage websites and mobile apps to hire those without money by forcing an online bidding war to see who will charge the least for their labor, or to rent out their home, their car, or other personal property.

Honestly I don’t know if anything else in the column can top that. Go have a look for yourself. Next up is Paul Krugman has taught them nothing: Republicans would tank the economy again, if given another chance. Subtitle is “The stimulus prevented a second Great Depression, a new report shows. What would’ve helped more? An even bigger one.” I don’t even know how to respond to that. Along down the column, a guy named Zandi is cited saying this:

On the first aspect, Zandi said, “The most important point coming out of this effort is that stabilizing the financial system — in a sense bailing out the banking system and the financial system more broadly — was a necessary condition for stabilizing the economy, and jump-starting an economic recovery. Without that effort, without stabilizing Wall Street, so to speak, it would have taken a lot longer for Main Street to find the bottom and to get up and running.”

Interesting that the same leftists who claim to despise corporatism are all fine with the bank bailouts *facepalm*. Then there’s the paragraph right after the last one:

On the second aspect, fiscal policy, Zandi said, “lots of moving parts here, very controversial, but I think our work clearly shows that the fiscal stimulus efforts, the temporary increase in government spending, cuts in taxes, were very effective.” Most notably, “The Recovery Act, the most controversial stimulus, passed in February of ’09 was very instrumental in ending the recession, jump-starting a recovery. The recession ended only a few months after the Recovery Act, in June of ’09, and the first job increases began a year later, in February 2010, so I don’t think that’s any accident.”

Yeah the stimulus didn’t do jackshit for the economy. All it did was create new temporary government jobs and hand out money to cronies like Solyndra. Then there’s this one:

As for the third aspect,  monetary policy, most notably zero interest rates, and quantitative easing [QE], it was “also very controversial,” Zandi said, “but I think, again, our work shows quite clearly that QE was very much a net positive for the economy.” He acknowledged there were “certainly some downsides, and the script on this is still being written,” but countered “At least up to this point in time it’s clear that it did help to lower long-term interest rates, support asset prices and support economic growth, and we go through that in some detail.”

All that that did has created the right situation for an economic collapse. The Fed should’ve popped the bubble years ago and we would’ve been well on the road of a real economic recovery. And the Fed was the one responsible for creating the Great Depression through low interest rates. Going to Paul Krugman for advice on economics is the equivalent of getting dating advice from a serial rapist (or an Islamist for that matter).

And finally we have Bill Maher’s nasty new Islamophobia recruit. Recently Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of HI  (who’s also a combat veteran in Iraq) went on to Bill Maher’s show and talked about Islamism. Maher I have a strange respect and even a strange likeness for on his consistency. That includes religion and he especially goes hard after Islam for its many crimes and atrocities whereas the left gives it benefit of the doubt calling its critics “Islamophobes”. In fact recently Canadian Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau attended a Mosque which is linked to Al Qaeda in the Montreal area. And during the election campaign in the far north, the Canadian Liberals have been appeasing to radical Islamists as well as the semi-Marxist New Democratic Party even more so.

Anyways, Maher in the interview had said to Representative Gabbard that the left has been afraid to confront the truth about Islam and she was pretty much in agreement. In fact, she has the twice the intelligence (and hotness) of Debbie Dum Dum who’s the chairwoman of the Democratic Party.

I think that sums up Salon stupidity for this week. Let me know in the comments below what else you want me to write about.