This’ll be a new regular thing I’ll try doing as offers up many great things of pure stupid. I’ll try doing at least 3 stories per column every week and I’ll try picking out the most outrageous ones which could be a challenge as most of what Salon writes by this point is pure predictability. So here we go.

First off is climate change. When it comes to the environment and weather, the left is totally out of touch with reality and this is no exception. Basically the writer is trying to make a point that government action is the solution to environmental problems (even though the worst places for pollution have been the Soviet Union, China, Cuba which are/were communist dictatorships). The whole climate change scam is just a means to an end of world government and socialism something of which I’ll get to another time. Currently the “green” technologies are in their early stage and actually cause more pollution than traditional fossil fuels. But don’t let simple facts get in the way of leftists. A fascinating fact about Earth Day is that it coincides with Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. Basically the environmentalist movement whackos are just green communists or watermelons.

Next up we have the Duggars’ being up for target once with a story of an organization called Institute in Basic Life Principles being sued for multiple sexual assaults of women. While the story in of itself is concerning, Salon’s hypocrisy is astounding when they recently – not kidding ya – allowed a self-professed peodophile write for them on why he’s no monster or something. Let that sink in; the same journalist website that feigns outrage over sexual scandals involving Christian organizations justify peodophilia. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this one.

Finally we have Christian Fundamentalists plot against the Constitution. This isn’t the first nor the last time Salon has attacked Christianity while simultaneously calling anyone who criticizes Islamism Islamophobes. The hypocrisy of how they treat Christianity versus Islam is staggering. ISIS throwing gays off of buildings in Iraq; meh too boring. Christian business owners denying gay couples wedding cakes in accordance to their religious principles; HOMOPHOBE!!! Sue them and take their asses to court!!!

Admittedly this is a rough writing so let me know what ya’ll think and if there’s anything to change or improve upon.