I recently discovered a site called DollarTimes.com which breaks down how much the dollar in let’s say 2015 would’ve been worth in 1955. Or you can do the contrary. It’s a really cool site so you should go check it out. And it highlights what a disaster the federal reserve and government policy has been. The average median income in 1955 would’ve been roughly $29,000 a year. Last year it was $53,891. Any average joe would look at that and say ‘Oh great! That’s progress!’. Not so fast, the devil is in the details. Yes we earn more dollars, but it’s lost most of its value in the period 60 years.

Anyways the average 1955 median income was $29,000 roughly speaking. According to the Dollar Times, that’s worth exactly $253,124.38. You heard that right, the average person in 1955 was making two hundred times what the average worker makes today. Now the average joe asks ‘How is that possible for people back in the 50s to be making a lot more than what the average person today earns?’. The answer is simple; it’s government! It’s the federal reserve’s policies of inflation! And they’ve been responsible for the biggest economic disasters of the past century! First the Great Depression then the Great Recession of 2008!

Creating the Federal Reserve is among the greatest mistakes in American history. The United States previously tried and failed with two other central banks so the Federal Reserve was formed in secret without the American people’s awareness. With the help of Woodrow Wilson (the God of the Progressive Left) it was made reality along with other progressive elites. It’s time the American people be made aware of a travesty the federal reserve really is. Yet it hasn’t become a major issue in the presidential race. So far the Iran Deal, Obamacare and the economy in general are top focus. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the federal reserve deserves a lot of attention too.

I also get the impression that most of the candidates would only continue printing money until we get hyper-inflation with the exception of Rand Paul whose father Ron made that a campaign platform in ’08 and ’12. Ted Cruz is also a very possible exception as he has a strong record on the federal reserve, but I don’t know about any of the other candidates. Actually I take that back; I know that some of the candidates would just continue printing money (Christie, Jebbie, Rubio, Graham, Kasich, Pataki, Santorum, Huckster) but I can’t say for sure about the others (Jindal, Walker, Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Perry). Peter Schiff has talked about this issue time and time again.

I can certainly say almost no one in the Democrat field (with possible exception of Bernie Sanders) would do anything about the Federal Reserve. Most in the media are completely clueless about what the fed really does. The American people are starting to wake up to the Federal Reserve and the Republican-controlled House has passed Audit the Fed bills several times only to be blocked by Dipshit Harry while he was in charge of the Senate (apparently he’s senile about this). Now since the Senate is in Republican-control, an audit the fed bill should easily pass as they always get overwhelming bipartisan support in the House.

While this is good progress, there’s still a ways to go. The argument must now be made against the Federal Reserve’s very EXISTENCE. Fiat currencies have always failed throughout history and the Federal Reserve is no different. We should go back to a gold standard and eliminate the Federal Reserve. We should allow currency competition between banks and states. We need to reign in this gargantuan federal government and start over with a federal government that’s much closer to what the founders’ envisioned.

What did you think of my column? Anything I should amend or add? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great day and God bless!