Leftists and socialists will generally say that the free market capitalist system exploits the poor and feeds the greedy and evil rich or something to that effect. Quite the contrary is true. Over the past two centuries, free markets have helped countries and entire continents even to get out of poverty and into prosperity. Case and point of this is Africa. More and more Sub-Sahara countries are pursuing economic liberalization and privatization. Africa as a whole has had the greatest economic growth of any continent or region in the world, even that of Hong Kong or Singapore.

Something else of which isn’t spoken of is that there’s been a technological boom in the Sub-Sahara. In recent Reason TV interview, Leon Louw who’s the Executive Director of the South Africa based Free Market Foundation said that in his travels he’s found people in remote tribes with cell phones. In fact tribesmen are now using digital currency as opposed to using cash which is something that’s not yet prominently present here in the West. The world’s poorest now live an average of 65 to 70 years as opposed to 25 years some 200 hundred years ago.

Granted there’s still a long way to go in other areas such as political freedom and personal liberties. Several African countries have lately been criminalizing homosexuality such as Uganda where homosexual acts are punishable by death or years in prison. And there’s issues as well, but as economic freedoms expand, the people tend to demand their political freedoms (China as an example). All in all, the more privatization and liberalization the better off Africa will be. Hope for the best in the near future. Here’s the Reason TV interview I had mentioned.

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