As same-sex marriage is legalized in more states, the traditional right has decried “judicial activism” and called for passing a federal amendment defining traditional marriage abroad. My only question is why? Why do you continue supporting a broken relic of a system started under Jim Crow to prevent blacks and whites from marrying? What they’re essentially doing is trying to support a foundation of a house that is inevitably going to collapse on itself. Very much like how this president is trying to save Obamacare via executive fiat by delaying key parts from going into effect.

Why should the State be defining marriage in any way? That’s what I find a lack of on both sides of this debate. A simple question that anyone can ask. Yes taxes and regulations etc., but all those can be handled outside of the Marriage State. Also you could blame the 16th amendment for making everything needlessly complex.It’s ironic that the right while defending this system is annihilating itself at the same time. They’re only bringing the whole roof down on themselves when trying to preserve same-sex marriage bans. They should be getting the hell out of the house and rebuild the whole thing by advocating withdrawing the State from everybody’s marriages. They’ve essentially become no better than the authoritarian left who desire to use to governmental involvement in marriage to force Christianity out of the public square.

What benefit does state recognition do anyway for anyone? All you get is a piece of paper from the State that says you’re married. Yes you get tax exemptions in all that, but we wouldn’t need all that were it not for the income tax which robs you of your earned property. The State in the end gets all the benefits from spying and controlling you. When the State controls what health care you’re outraged. When the State spies on you via the NSA daily you’re outraged. When the State has control of your marriage you just shrug. Why is that? Perhaps that’s cause we’re simply use to that intervention since it’s been around for a century or so.

I think as same-sex marriage inevitably spreads throughout the country, we as limited government libertarians should take advantage of this and pull the debate in a new direction over whether the State even has authority to be involved with marriage. It’ll just take an alliance with the traditional right to do so. For as much as I criticize traditional conservatives, they do make a very powerful and influential force in politics and especially in the GOP. It’ll take convincing but in time with effort I think libertarians can win over the traditional right on privatizing marriage.

What do you think? Anything I missed? Make yourself heard in the comments section below. Have a great day!