The US Presidency has gotten so powerful and so out of control over the course of over a century starting with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson (Lincoln too, but it was a very unique period that was the Civil War). First it was TR who expanded Presidential powers by starting up the FBI without congressional authorization and started the national park system by outright stealing land from that was owned either privately or by the states especially in the West.

When Woodrow Wilson was President, he was a key figure in getting the 16th amendment and Federal Reserve Act passed. After the US entered WWI, he arrested people who sang German songs in public. People who recited the Declaration of Independence at Military draft centers were also arrested.

Then of course FDR eventually was elected and expanded Presidential power further by outlawing the private ownership of gold without congressional authorization. He gave approval to the internment camps for the Japanese as well Germans and Italians to lesser extent during WWII. Flash forward a couple of decades and we get to Richard Nixon who took us off the gold standard to pay for the Vietnam War and led to high inflation throughout the 70s and early 80s. After the Patriot Act was passed, George W. Bush was slapped down for unconstitutional searches of letters without a warrant. So congress passed a bill that would’ve prohibited it and as Bush was signing it, as the ink was drying, he looked right into the camera and said he wasn’t going enforce it.

Then should also mention that the President hasn’t asked Congress to vote on a declaration of war since WWII and in some cases has went to war without even congressional approval of any sort *coughs* Obama *coughs*. The President has also unconstitutionally passed initiatives and has declined to enforce laws on the books he doesn’t care for via executive action. The Presidency started out relatively small, but has grown in power 20 fold. Now Congress has become irrelevant in lawmaking as they’ve declined to stop the President.

It has especially gotten bad under Obama’s Presidency where he’s passed initiatives such as executive amnesty, multiple Obamacare delays and other things without Congressional approval. And they haven’t done a damn thing about it. Oh they’ve occasionally feigned opposition to Obama’s unconstitutional actions, but they don’t actually try to do anything.

Which has led to what the column is titled: time to replace the Presidency for a Prime Ministership. What I mean by that is that the Presidency can continue existing, but only as a figurehead of sorts with some legitimate powers (kinda like the Monarch of Great Britain minus all the grandeur). The real place of power should be a Prime Minister elected by the Congress who can be either a member of chamber as means to keep the power better in check. While this won’t entirely eliminate corruption and power grabs, it would allow more accountability by the Congress and remove him or her if necessary by a vote of no confidence.

The Presidency like I said would still exist; just that it’ll serve more like say the President of Germany or the President of Israel where they’re elected and serve as figureheads while the true position of power is Chancellor or Prime Minister. That would mean also the President could no longer veto legislation as that would go to the Prime Minister.

Now some would be concerned that we’d become a frivolous democracy and degrade the constitution. Except that the constitution has already been degraded over the course of one hundred years. Plus I’m not proposing any other huge changes to government other than that there be a Prime Ministership. All the checks and balances would remain the same and we’d still be a constitutional republic just with a parliamentary element added. This would of course take a constitutional amendment to get done which means a very long process, but this is purely an experimental thought.

What do you guys think? Let me in the comment section what you think of the idea of replacing the President with a Prime Minister.