I’ve admittedly have gone back and forth on The Donald since he first entered the race earlier this summer. On one hand, he’s a fraud who’s switched policy positions more times than LBJ. As recent as 3 years ago, he was friends with Hillary Clinton. Now he despises her. He was a “liberal” on healthcare and helped the Democrats in ’06 and ’08 the latter of which gave us Barack Obama and filibuster-proof Democratic Senate that passed Obamacare. In fact, just as recent as the first GOP debate, he called the Canadian and Scotland healthcare systems “great”. Try asking the hundreds and maybe thousands of Canadians who come south every year for surgery that takes at least six months to get to (including the Prime Minister himself Stephen Harper).

Yet still, audiences applauded him in droves. In fact recent shows support for single-payer among Republican voters goes up to 44% when it’s Donald Trump speaking. *FACEPALM* Also in the GOP debate, he had said he would shut down the govt to defund Planned Parenthood if necessary, but right afterwards he said they can have “some” funding. Not to mention his past pro-choice positions on abortion. His economic plan recently got such high quality endorsements such as, Elizabeth Warren (who’s just barely to the right of Mao Zedong) and Paul Krugman who I have just as much trust for on economics as I do for Hannibal Lector’s word he won’t try eating my heart or liver. *DOUBLE FACEPALM*

On the other (and I warn this isn’t gonna be popular among a lot of libertarians), he’s right on illegal immigration and border security. I should make clear that in the right situation (one where we’re a genuine constitutional republic & possess no welfare/warfare state like a hundred years ago), open borders and free immigration is a very plausible option. But not when people can come in and live off of my taxpayer dollars AND vote to take away more of my property. Even legal immigrants are much more likely to be on welfare than American natives according to a recent report from the Washington Examiner.

But anyways, there’s something else about The Donald that’s become increasingly obvious; he’s a huge dickhead. He’s a clown and bully who resorts to lowbrow tactics. Recently he attacked Carly Fiorina for her looks and calling Ben Carson an “okay doctor”. If call being the first ever doctor to separate conjoined twins “okay”, then sure I guess. During the GOP debate when Rand Paul was confronting Trump over his past alliances and positions, the audience continued backing him up against Rand.

I think people back Trump less out of substantive policy and more of out of emotion. He’s kinda the Barack Obama of the right. Enthusing millions of people into backing him quickly becoming the top runner in the GOP field. In fact a 92-year old woman recently registered to vote for the first time after hearing The Donald in the first Republican debate.

Now the question comes to mind; what has caused his rise and popularity? Well for one thing it was the GOP leadership constantly giving the short end of the stick to the base after promising to defund Obamacare, stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and reigning in his out of control presidency. They’ve failed on all fronts pretty much and have given him more unconstitutional power with regards to the Iran deal where Corker and McConnell as opposed to treating it like a treaty, just decided to give Obama more power and make it harder for Congress to stop it. The GOP establishment has failed massively in its stated goals since they won both chambers of Congress last year.

GOP voters are pissed as hell with the failure of McConnell and Boehner so they see Trump’s don’t giva shit politically incorrect attitude and they see salvation. In that sense, it’s hard not to understand why so many GOP voters like him. Though thankfully more and more are starting wake up to what Trump really is; a bully and a MASSIVE hypocrite on nearly every major issue. Maybe with his inevitable collapse, Paul or Cruz will benefit and gain his base voters.

What did you think of my column? Anything I should add or edit? Let me know in the comments section below.