Right after he had officially announced via twitter, I had went ahead and donated 25 bucks to his campaign. I support Rand Paul because this federal govt is out of control and needs to be returned to its constitutional confines.

I support Rand Paul because this federal govt has forgotten what the 4th amendment means and constantly violates our right to privacy through the NSA spying on millions of Americans without a justified warrant. Reign it in and end the program.

I support Rand Paul because Obamacare is killing whatever little innovation there was in US healthcare. Not only repeal it in whole, but withdraw the federal govt from healthcare ENTIRELY. Open interstate competition among health insurance companies and let states decide what path they want to go. VT can go full on Canadian-style single-payer (if it so wants to try again) while neighboring NH can deregulate and open up markets in healthcare.

I support Rand Paul because the TSA is way out of control in its violation of civil liberties and desperately needs reigning in. Decentralize the program and let cities and municipalities decide if they want their airports govt controlled or privately run like what San Francisco and St. Louis have been doing for some time.

I support Rand Paul because the sanctity of life is too important to look over. Kudos to him on challenging DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz on what the Democrats position on abortion is. Roe v. Wade needs to be ended and states be allowed decide for themselves how abortion should approached. CA and NY can allow third trimester infanticide while TX and UT will be permitted to allow abortion only cases of rape, incest and endangerment to the mother’s life. Way overdue for Roe v. Wade to go (and its days are numbered now).

I support Rand Paul because it’s way overdue that the Fed be held accountable for its corrupt practices. With a Paul in the White House and a full GOP-controlled Congress, an audit the Fed bill should finally make it to the President’s desk.

I support Rand Paul because this economy has been suffering for way too long under this tyrannical-lite federal govt. Reign it in, cut spending, overall the whole tax code and replace it with a flat tax at 15% or lower. Also eliminate the IRS and end its abhorrent practices of targeting conservative and libertarian groups.

I support Rand Paul because the War on Drugs is an abhorrent failure needs to END for GOOD. Eliminate the DEA, legalize medical and recreational marijuana for states where it’s allowed and decriminalize all other drugs and end mandatory minimums.

I support Rand Paul because our foreign policy (particularly under the last two administrations) has been filled with almost nothing but disaster after disaster. From Afghanistan and Iraq, to Libya, Egypt and *almost* Syria and giving away weapons to Islamist groups allied with Al Qaeda which is where ISIS came originally thereby giving birth to the current situation in Iraq. I’m willing to give aid to the groups fighting ISIS and also bomb the hell out of ISIS, but the groundwork has to be handled by the Kurds and Iraqi Army. Then pull everything home once ISIS has been taken care of.

I support Rand Paul because this administration (and the last one to certain extent) have abused executive powers beyond comprehension particularly EPA and executive amnesty. Also going to war in Libya without congressional approval. Reign it in and let Congress be ones to pass law once again as it should be.

I support Rand Paul because this federal govt gives foreign aid to countries that openly despise us such as Pakistan which aided in hiding bin Laden and also Palestine which is controlled by Hamas whose stated goal is to wipe out the Jews and Israel. End all foreign aid period as it’s just a bad idea.

I support Rand Paul because the states have been trounced on by this federal govt more than enough from things like Common Core, to Obamacare, to EPA etc etc. Lift the boot of the feds off of the states and let them be the experimental laboratories they were originally and should be.

If the situation called for it, I’d switch support over to Ted Cruz without much of a problem as he’s the 2nd best candidate in the GOP field very to Rand Paul. Though for now, I proudly proclaim myself a Rand Paul supporter. While absolutely perfect as he’s contradicted some of his statements and some things he’s done don’t please libertarians too much (such as signing Tom Cotten’s letter to Iran), he’s still a great champion for liberty and shares more commonalities with his father than he does with the mainstream. I hope and pray he gets the nomination and then gets elected.

What do you think? Is there anything I should add or improve upon? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a great day and God bless!