Recently this past Monday, the Supreme Court turned down 7 same-sex marriage cases and as result it became immediately legal in five states one of which is my own Oklahoma. Soon afterwards, a three judge panel struck down bans in Idaho and Nevada legalizing marriage in those respective states too. Of course both sides had a lot to say about those decisions. The left was praising it like mad and the traditional right was condemning those decisions and were furthering pressure on the GOP to defend traditional marriage in the legal system.

My reaction; eh… Because what’s the difference between the State being involved with only straight couples versus being involved straight and gay couples? It’s like asking; who do you prefer Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin? It’s Statism versus Statism (taking the Holocaust and the Gulags along subsequent tens of millions of dead out of the equation). Both sides want the State in our bedrooms for different reasons. The gay left wants all the legal benefits straight couples have while the traditional right want same-sex marriage banned the sanctity of marriage remains preserved.

Both have it off completely. Yes there’s all the taxes and regulations of which you can make an argument for the Marriage State sure. But mind you much of those taxes and regulations were passed by the progressives made possible by the 16th amendment. Which was also made possible by the Progressive God himself Woodrow Wilson (who mind you segregated the federal government and banned interracial marriage in Washington D.C.). So effectively this whole quagmire of a debate goes all the way back to the beginnings of Progressivism.

So what’s the solution in privatizing marriage you may ask? Repeal the 16th amendment of course and establish a fair tax. That’s something of which near unanimously conservatives would agree with libertarians on. Short of that though what do we do? We could also scrap the whole tax code and establish a simple flat 10% income tax rate with little/no deductions. But admittedly there’s other things too that have to be addressed such as divorce, adoption, custody etc. That’s where I’m in favor of civil partnership contracts available for everybody gay or straight. Now traditional conservatives will object to things like gay adoptions, but that becomes a debate in of itself which I’ll reserve for another time.

Marriage in of itself should be reserved to the church and/or families and communities to resolve. Leave the State out of it. We have enough Statism as is in every area possible to imagine. The only rule I have is that nobody force their beliefs on anybody who don’t agree with them. My church would never marry gay couples because it goes against everything it believes in as do plenty of other churches. Lots of other churches though don’t have any problems with officiating gay couples. So let them if they wish to do so (or if they refuse to do so). That’s simple live and let live philosophy.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a great day!