This is my overview and grading of all the Presidential candidates. I’ll say however much I feel like whether it’s a paragraph or two, or just a couple of sentences. My grading system is 0-100 with 100 being excellent. I plan to go alphabetical order so let’s start with Jeb!

J.Bush – 40%

This maybe being a little too kind to him as I’ve got my major issues; among the biggest being his foreign policy stance (he said at a National Security Summit recently that going into Iraq was the right decision). He also said the NSA needs to expand its data collecting authority which that alone says he isn’t fit to be in the White House. On fiscal issues, he’s relatively decent. That’s his best area, though I can’t see him cutting spending dramatically rather increasing it just like his brother. He says that he’s pro-life, yet a delve into history says his family has been waist deep involved with Planned Parenthood. His grandfather Prescott Bush who was a Senator from CT helped found Planned Parenthood in 1947. His dad George Sr. wrote a letter to Planned Parenthood praising them for their efforts on birth control. The organization Bloomberg which Jeb! sat on gave money to Planned Parenthood while he was still there. He said he was there to advance education which screams one thing: COMMON CORE. Enough said. If he’s the nominee, then I’m either voting LP or staying home election day.

B.Carson – 65-70%

Honestly Carson is very hard to grade. I 100% agree with his position on abortion and yet he’s homosexuality originates in prison or something. To credit due he’s said we should’ve never gone into Iraq, though I’m not so sure about his foreign policy at large. He’s had a long successful career as a brain surgeon, but I’m not sure if he’s Presidential material. Now if he were to win the nomination I’d happily vote for him over Hillary or Bernie. Ultimately better than some of the other GOP candidates in the race (especially compared to one I’m about to get to).

C.Christie – 35%

He’s among my LEAST liked candidates for President this cycle. During the GOP debate, he not only defended this administration unconstitutional overreach in domestic surveillance, but would take it even FURTHER. Rand Paul came in and justifiably smacked his ass down with the Bill of Rights and humorously told him to go give Obama another hug. Yet people declared Christie the winner in that smack down?! WTF!?! WTF!??!? WTF!??!! WTF!???!??!?!? I’ll give him credit for some legitimately successful reforms he’s pursued as NJ Governor and for smacking down the Teacher’s union. But NJ has actually been worse off overall under Christie than under Jon Corzine who’s the king of crony capitalism. Foreign policy wise he’s very hawkish and has bragged he’ll enforce federal laws against states that are legalizing marijuana. Don’t waste your money or vote on this guy.

T.Cruz – 85-90%

Cruz is my second choice for President (after Rand Paul). He’s very anti-establishment and has done more than almost anyone else in the US Senate to stand up for individual rights and the constitution (aside from Mike Lee & Rand Paul). He led the fight to take down Obamacare, he stood by Rand on his first filibuster and he knows the constitution better than anyone else (aside from Judge Andrew Napolitano that is). His foreign policy granted is more hawkish than desired, but he’s not so extremely hawkish like a certain SC Senator we’ll be getting too or the other aforementioned candidates. He’s somewhere between Rand and the others. My congressional Representative Jim Bridenstine of OK-01 had recently endorsed him and he actually came by Bartlesville at OK-WU. I was only there for a short time due to depression on an unrelated note, but the room was jam packed full. The parking lot was so full, I had to park something like a quarter of a mile away from the stadium he was speaking in. Ultimately I think he’s a candidate that many libertarians can get behind enthusiastically. That’s why he’s my 2nd choice.

C.Fiorina – 80%

Carly Fiorina first came to prominence 5 years ago when she became a candidate for US Senate from CA against left-winger Barbara Boxer. At the time I enthusiastically supported her, but she didn’t do a good job campaigning. She spent 10 million dollars against a Republican opponent in the primary (who’s since gone on to be head of Texas Public Policy) and spent 5 million in the general. She ended up losing by 9 points. I was skeptical when she entered into the contest, but at the kiddie table Republican debate she far outshined all the other candidates. She’s done an effective job calling Hillary Clinton and the left on the “war on women” bullshit. She’s probably my 3rd or 4th choice (switching out with Scott Walker constantly).

J.Gilmore – ????

I honestly don’t know anything about the guy aside from the fact he was Governor of Virginia for 4 years. That’s literally it. Next one!

L.Graham – 15%

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him!!! Honestly there’s nothing else to say that hasn’t been said! Foreign policy; terrible. He continues justifying the Iraq War and the thousands of lives and trillions of dollars its costed. The best thing he’s done was trying to investigate Hillary on Benghazi. That’s it. Fiscal policy; nothing special. Drug War and federalism; AWFUL. If he were nominee, I’d sooner take a shit in the woods then vote for him! Why SC GOP voters renominated him for Senate is beyond me when they had a much better candidate in Lee Bright who’s very libertarian leaning. To hell with Lindsey!

M.Huckleberry – 35%

The reason why I give him this high of grade is his unyielding defense of the right to life. Honestly on this issue alone, he’s among the best on abortion in the field (with Cruz and Rand being the absolute best). He’s also pretty good on the 2nd amendment as well. Other than that, there’s nothing really positive to say. As Governor of Arkansas he raised taxes and increased spending numerous times making it an undesirable location for businesses. He also espouses social conservative credentials on gay marriage which shouldn’t be entangled with the state PERIOD. The complete hypocrisy is very bothersome too. On one hand, he denounced the SCOTUS’s overreach on declaring gay marriage nationally. On the other, he’s said he’ll crack down on state legalizing marijuana. Governor, maybe you should try repealing these overreaching federal laws so states can be left alone. All in all, not worth it.

B.Jindal – 73%

He’s been very impressive as Governor of Louisiana. He took the state from being one of the worst in business friendliness to being among the best┬ánow. He cut taxes numerous times, he’s expanded school choice with New Orleans being a beacon for education in the country now. Foreign policy admittedly is among his less great areas, but he brings a lot of experience as a Governor to the White House.

J.Kasich – 23%

Kasich’s tenure as Governor has been very mixed. He successfully passed collective bargaining legislation only for it to be repealed in a ballot initiative. Afterwards he moderated and even went center-left with passing Medicaid expansion with constitutionally questionable means and said Jesus told him too. Medicaid alone should disqualify him from pursuing the White House as Obamacare is exploding right now in front of our eyes. States that expand Medicaid are on the path of financial bankruptcy and future generations saddled with debt. All he is is an establishment replacement in the case of Jeb! self-destructing. And his recent comments on a Roe v Wade while the most Planned Parenthood video came out. He’s not fit for the White House. Just please stay in Ohio!

G.Pataki – ???? (honestly don’t care)

The most I know about him is that he was Governor of New York and is a typical Northeastern moderate Republican. And there’s virtually no chance of him winning the GOP nomination let alone the White House.

R.Paul – 95-98%

My top candidate in the field by far. He’s done more than anyone else in the Senate defending the Bill of Rights, defending civil liberties and to right to be left alone and has fought the Federal Reserve just like his father Ron did. No one else compares on that issue. And while I’m aware libertarians have problems with his somewhat hawkish foreign policy for a libertarian, he’s still closer to non-interventionism than all the other candidates. Ron came out recently to officially endorse so that can be taken with comfort. Even though he has declined in the polls, I still have optimism for his campaign to make it through. I’m with him till the end.

R.Perry – 68-73%

The reason why Texas has been so economically successful in the past decade is due a lot to Rick Perry. I actually supported back in the 2011-2012 cycle where it went disastrously with just having back surgery at the time. This time he’s been considerably better. He did very well in the kiddie table debate and he does very well in the economics arena. In foreign policy I’m much more nervous about though.

M.Rubio – 55-60%

Honestly my thoughts are incredibly split on Rubio. On one hand I really applaud his consistent position right to life and abortion. But his foreign policy and civil liberties positions really stink. He’s one of the few candidates who has vehemently defended the Iraq War despite all evidence that it was a huge mistake all from the start. He’s had some very good fiscal policy proposals and has really good speaking porous on stage (the GOP debate in particular), but his disregard for civil liberties and due process really concerns me.

R.Santorum – 40%

While he was in Congress he voted for a minimum wage increase, very hawkish on foreign policy defending the Iraq War, erosion on civil liberties and is hip and hooked on the marriage state complex advocating at one point for a federal marriage amendment. In 2011-2012 campaign, he openly said he’d be the anti-libertarian in the race. A couple things I can say is that he recognizes this government’s war on religious/civil liberties and he’s very pro-life (though he supported RINO turned Democrat Arlen Specter on numerous occasions). He voted for NCLB which is the bastard parent of Common Core essentially. There’s nothing much to really appreciate.

D.Trump – ?????? (honestly he’s so all over the place I don’t know what to grade him)

I admire his disregard for political correctness, but as for a substance in policy I don’t see much. Also there’s his constant hypocrisy over the years; one point he was pro-choice, now he’s pro-life. At the GOP debate he said he’d shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood, but then said “some” funding is okay. His knowledge on monetary policy and the federal reserve is shod. He advocates for a wall at the border, yet just 4 years ago he was for a path to citizenship. I don’t have a particular problem with position on immigration as I follow Milton Friedman’s thoughts on that with the welfare state. But his constant hypocrisy should disqualify him from seeking the White House. He was a “liberal” on healthcare once favoring a single-payer system. In fact in the GOP debate he said it works well in Canada and Scotland (despite that those systems are literally killing people through neglect) and the audience applauded him. And he rose even further in the polls afterwards (though I think he’ll eventually be going back down I think). My thoughts are constantly changing on Trump as well so…

S.Walker – 80%

He’s been an outstanding Governor in Wisconsin. He’s cut taxes numerous times and reformed the collective bargaining system. Now Wisconsin stands out as the 12th best state for business according to Chief Executive Magazine. Just five years ago, they were in the lower 40s, high 30s. That’s quite an astonishing improvement. An area of concern is his fling with crony capitalism though. He gave out 220 million dollars to the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. In fact most of the GOP field (except Ted Cruz and Rand Paul) have a fling for subsidies. He’s still my third (or fourth) choice despite this report cause he really has done much good for Wisconsin and has won 3 elections winning by a consistent vote margin streak.

What did you think? Is there anything I should add or change? Please let me know in the comments section below. Have a great day and God bless!!!