For as far as I can remember, I’ve always been a Star Wars fan. It’s one of my first true obsessions (my others being vacuum cleaners and Winnie the Pooh). I have early memories watching the Original Trilogy and saw the prequels in the cinema which I enjoyed almost as much (admittedly fans are very split on them but I’ll talk about that another time). Star Wars is one of those things which I immediately recognize on site anytime. After a time admittedly my interest waned and almost died. That is until The Clone Wars came along in 2008. The series started off not good, but it got steadily better throughout its airing.

Always showing things we haven’t seen before in the six-film saga. Clone Wars often has 3 or 4 episode archs. My personal favorite arch has to be though is the 3 episode Mortis arch which I won’t spoil here (you can find all the episode available on Netflix). But basically it explains the vast base of what Star Wars mythology is. And now with the inevitability of a new film trilogy and the new series Rebels there’s gonna be an even deeper delve into the Star Wars universe which I’m ecstatic about.

I’m somewhat disappointed that the Expanded Universe is no longer considered “official canon” since there’s such a vast array of story and mythology present there, but ultimately it’s for the better since now the canon is consolidated under one consistent story board. Star Wars you can make the observation is also a libertarian story. Think about it. A band of freedom fighters fight against a tyrannical empire bent on domination and conquer. And they manage to defeat the empire in the end bringing freedom back to the galaxy once again. Can’t get more libertarian than that.

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