In a genuine free market, businesses are allowed service or deny service whoever the hell they please. What we live in isn’t a free market. It’s a crazily regulated, partially socialized one. If a business were to turn away somebody cause they were black, that would be illegal. And here’s where the recent events in Indiana come to play. I honestly think the law recently passed there didn’t go anywhere near far enough. Businesses should be allowed to turn whoever they don’t want to service for any reason. I’ve made cases over on twitter and loony lefty fascists have pulled the Jim Crow example of why that doesn’t work. What they didn’t get though is that there’s a difference between market discrimination and govt mandated discrimination.

In a free market if I were to be turned away from a restaurant because of my autism, I could simply go to another one that wouldn’t mind servicing me. What that other does is entirely within their accord and I wouldn’t step inside there again as I don’t want to be served who outright dislikes me for who I am. In today’s market, that kind of bigotry wouldn’t survive as they would either go out of business or adapt and change to remain in business. In a situation though where govt mandated discrimination of that sort, that’ll last a lot longer as what Jim Crow showed.

I think any business that’s forced to serve everyone regardless how they feel is authoritarianism to some extent. In particular to this debate though, what pisses me off more than anything else with the gaystapo is the sheer elitism they assume that it’s their right to demand a wedding cake from a bakery that doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage from religious standpoint. And they think they can get away denying service as the recent ruling in CO shows. I’m for defending the individual’s right to turn away anyone for any reason, but this sheer hypocrisy at its worst. If you’re a tyrannical fascist, at least be consistent. In other words, force everyone to server whoever (muslims serve bacon, Jews serve neo-nazis etc). But hypocrisy is just a commonality with the far left.

What do you think? Is there anything I should add or improve upon? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a great day and God bless!