Just several┬ádays ago, John Boehner announced he’ll resign at the end of October. Not just from the office Speaker, but Congress period. Thank God! Be gone with that fraudulent politician! Most of the things he’s done as Speaker have been either mediocre or just horrible. The Speaker of the House holds nearly as much power as the Presidency when muscles are fully flexed. And John Boehner has never flexed them in the nearly 5 years he’s been in the podium.

Ever since his resignation was announced, the immediate presumptive successor was Kevin McCarthy who’s been the House Floor Leader since Eric Cantor was ousted in a surprise primary defeat last year. All that will happen is the same damn things which is surrendering more power of Congress to the executive branch. That’s why my candidate for Speaker is Justin Amash of Michigan. Think about it; no other member of Congress since Ron Paul’s retirement has been so dedicated to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He’s the only logical choice.

He has a 100% voting record with FreedomWorks, 100% with Club for Growth and 95% with Heritage Action. Next out of the door to go is Mitch McConnell. He’s been a disaster in the minority and in the majority as well. He needs to immediately resign as Leader of the Senate and as Senator once Matt Bevin is sworn in as Governor in December.

Anyways what are ya’lls thoughts on Boehner’s┬áresignation and who should replace him? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great day and God bless.