Currently I’m a supporter of Rand Paul’s campaign for President and I’ve donated so far 40 bucks. I love Rand to death, but his campaign has been subpar in the organization and the fundraising. Ted Cruz by contrast collected 31 MILLION in the first week of his campaign. Recently at the RLC gathering in NH, he nabbed 51% of votes while Rand got 57%. Kinda odd that both of them won majority support, but I suspect it was a multi ballot option system which would explain that oddity. It does show that there’s a strong libertarian appeal among both men. Slightly stronger with Rand Paul, but there’s a presence in the Cruz camp as well.

Currently there’s a significant faction of libertarians and former Ron Paul supporters working for his campaign. Notable endorsements of former Ron Paul supporters or endorsees include SC State Senator Lee Bright who ran for US Senate against tyrannical fraud Lindsey Graham in 2014, former GA congressional Representative who was the LP nominee back in ’08 (also authored/co-sponsored DOMA & the Patriot Act subsequently apologizing for both of them), State Senator Chris McDaniel who ran against dinosaur fossil Thad Cochran in 2014 and many others as well. There’s people both in Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and the RLC who are supporting Cruz. So yeah there’s a huge libertarian going for Ted Cruz. Recently the campaign released a video of those former Paul supporters saying why they support Cruz.

Is he perfect? No, but then again as Matt Kibbe puts it the only perfect libertarian there is is yourself. While Ted Cruz’s campaign is thriving, Rand’s has been getting mediocre fundraising and his campaign has been bit of a mess. He’s currently in tenth place in the polls and barely qualifies to be in the CNN debate later this month. If Rand Paul is forced to drop out, than most of his support will flood over to Ted Cruz’s camp. I understand why some libertarians hold reservations over his somewhat hawkish foreign policy and his initial support for TPP, but there’s easily much worse in the field such as the Donald, Lindsey, Christie and Kasich. And there’s clearly a major support for his campaign from many libertarians. He holds a lot of  the enthusiasm that Ron Paul captivated in the ’12 campaign. Rand Paul doesn’t quite have the same touch I must unfortunately say.

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The featured image was taken by Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0).