Fifty years ago, California was the no. 1 state in education and business friendliness. It’s dead 0r near dead last in those categories as well as brewing with much government corruption with 15 politicians indicated this year. This is the same state that gave us Ronald Reagan who’s arguably the greatest president in the post-WWII era and among the best in US history. Politically the GOP use to thrive in California up until the mid-late 90’s. It was very competitive at the state level and reliably voted Republican from the early 50’s to the early 90’s at the presidential ballot every time with exception to 1964 when LBJ won a landslide.

Starting in 1992 though the Dems won California and have been winning it every presidential race since. And with that the CA GOP started to decline politically at the state level. After Pete Wilson left office, the Dems won back the Governor’s Mansion for the first time in 20 years when Moonbeam won a 2nd term in the late 70’s. And while they won it back in the 2003 recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger, they continued on declining in relevance electorally. Then Moonbeam ran and won a third non-consecutive term in 2010 and is all but guaranteed to win a fourth this November.

Really Democrat influence goes back 40+ years since they’ve regularly held control of the state legislature with brief exceptions in the mid-90’s. And with that CA began it’s slow inevitable decline economically. It’s regularly rated near or dead last in friendliness towards business. Chief Executive Magazine which regularly ranks states for business friendliness has for the past 10 annual surveys ranked rock bottom while Texas has ranked no. 1. CA also has the most people on welfare. So with all that is there any hope for a comeback? Yes there is.

The CA GOP has a decent chance of winning back one or two statewide offices. One being the Secretary of State and the other State Comptroller. The candidates Ashley Swearnegin (Comptroller) and Pete Peterson (Secretary of State) have been both endorsed by the lefty LA Times and prominent Democrat politicians in the state. And there’s also a good chance for the GOP to eliminate the Democrats two-thirds majority advantage in the legislature which they need in order to raise taxes without any GOP support.

And while they’re unlikely to win it back this cycle, they’re making good strides in competing for the Governor’s Mansion with Neel Kashkari who’s proven to be an effective candidate. Also another noteworthy item is John Dennis who’s running against Nancy Pelosi for House and does regularly. Again not going to win, but every cycle he makes great strides in gaining in popular vote in the district running on civil liberties which Pelosi has a terrible record on. The CA GOP can also try adopting a much more libertarian approach when speaking to the electorate. In the long term it’ll help them.

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