That’s the question for today. Seems as though libertarians have somewhat mixed feelings for Ted Cruz (though that’s also kind of the case for Rand Paul). I personally right now am a Rand Paul supporter, though if the situation were different or change (like Paul not entering the race or pulling out at some point) I’d go over to support Ted Cruz. Judge Andrew Napolitano recently in a Fox News interview gave Cruz a perfect score on every area except for two: education which Cruz *bafflingly* called a federal right and foreign policy and intervention (was one of the 47 who signed Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran as well as Paul).

While I admit I feel a little troubled over some of his foreign policy positions, he’s at least not blood militaristic like John McCainster or Dreaded Lindsey. I’d put him somewhere midpoint between Paul and Cotton when it comes to overseas intervention. So yes not perfect on foreign policy and interventionism, but there’s easily worse to choose from. Something else to note when he first ran for Senate for Texas in 2012, he received broad support in the center-right coalition from figures like Rick Santorum on one end to Ron and Rand Paul on the other. He noted in a recent interview with Glenn Beck that he was the only candidate in 2012 to be endorsed by Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Considering how far apart those two are on the issues, that’s saying a lot.

Something else of note is that his campaign is making an effort to reach out to libertarians as well as tea partiers and social conservatives. So to sum up, yes he can win over libertarians though with Rand in the race it’s gonna be a tough challenge as most are already behind him for presidential bid which he’ll officially announce tomorrow. You can’t deny though Cruz communicates very well with the grassroots and the average Republican voter so he’ll be force to be reckoned with. After he announced almost two weeks ago, his polling numbers shot up from way behind the leaders Jebbie and Walker, to the RCP daily average tied with Rand and Huckster.

What do you think? Anything I should add or improve upon? Let me in the comments section below. Have a great day and God bless!